Professional Services

You Dont have to settle for anything less then a customized solution:

At A2Z Mobility we are more than just a product based Home Healthcare store. Rather than focusing on just one area of your needs, we take into consideration your entire environment. Not just today, but also what it may be like in the future. Our knowledge of the construction industry allows us to compliment our extensive products portfolio with the understanding of how to create a living and or working environment that suits your needs. Wether it be installing a grab bar to better allow you to use your shower; or completely reconfiguring it to make it safer and more functional. We have the knowledge and capability to fulfill both. In addition we are also able to provide:

  • Accessibility audits for both your home & or office 
  • We have an in-store designated area for private consultations with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Registered Massage Therapists
  • Accessibility For Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) consultation 
  • Construction Estimating & Project Management 
  • Educational seminars on new and innovative products 
  • Consultation for stair lifts and elevators
  • Consultation for ceiling mounted lifts