TRUFORM 20-30 Below Knee BLACK medium

compression socks, stockings, home health care, insurance

Product Specifications


Truform 8865 Medical Wear tocking are deigned to help relieve moderate condition aociated with poor circulation. Truform medical tocking feature claic tyling and a mooth-knit fabric texture that help conceal unightly condition. The cloed toe offer a more natural tocking feel. Color option are baic neutral for all-occaion wear. For men and women.

Product Feature

  • Therapeutic graduated compreion
  • Firm upport
  • Claic, concealing mooth-knit fabric
  • Non-contricting, oft tay-up top for comfort
  • Cloed toe deign
  • tandard and "uper" ize

Available in many ize and colour: call for detail