Accessible Height Toilet, Comfort Height

Product Specifications

AM 2403012.020

  • High Efficiency (4.8 Lpf/1.07 gpf)
  • pace aving compact deign - Elongated Right Height&nbpbowl fit in the ame pace a a round front toilet
  • EverClean® urface inhibit the growth of tain and&nbpodor cauing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Featuring the Cadet®3 Fluhing ytem
  • One-piece deign
  • Elongated iphon action jetted bowl with&nbp54 mm (2-1/8") trapway
  • Internal trapway area fully glazed
  • Rim height at 419mm (16-1/2") for acceible application
  • Include colour-matched and deign-matched&nbpolid platic toilet eat and cover with low-cloe hinge and EverClean® urface. eat feature unique&nbpanitary eat lift tab
  • Overized 76mm (3") Fluh Valve with Chemical
  • Reitant Flapper
  • 254 x 208mm (10 x 8&rdquo) water urface
  • 2 bolt cap
  • Chrome Trip Lever
  • 100 % factory fluh teted
  • 5 year warranty