8" Wrist - Thumb Splint

Wrist thumb splint

Product Specifications


elect erie 8" Writ-Thumb plint

Dital palmar creae contour allow for 90 degree palmar flexion and full finger dexterity. Contructed from an open cell urethane foam laminated to a lycra fabric for comfort, breathability and moiture aborption. The proximal circumferential trap provide uperior fixation of the radial tay which allow for excellent immobilization of the thumb. Perfect for latex enitive wearer. Available for the left or right hand.

Product Feature

  • Hold writ firmly in poition and thumb abducted
  • Removable palmar and radial plint
  • Eay to lip on and lip off
  • Cool, lightweight contruction
  • Breathable oft lined interior
  • Advanced fatening technology

Available ize

  • X-mall
  • mall
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge